Denture wearers annoyed by slippage and discomfort now have a better alternative thanks to the latest advance in implant dentistry offered, mini-dental implants. These devices help to secure a denture arch and keep it in place, helping a denture wearer to chew and speak more naturally.

As their name implies, mini-dental implants, or MDIs, are smaller than standard dental implants. MDIs are typically between two and three millimeters in diameter, while standard dental implants range between around four and six millimeters. MDIs are similar in shape to standard implants, and they are topped by a ball-shaped structure. Because of their smaller size, MDIs are often a solution for patients with bone loss that does not accommodate full-size implants.

During the procedure, the dentist will place a series of four to six MDIs in the jawbone. The denture will have the same number of grooves drilled into its underside, and the grooves are then fitted with metal housings that slide into place over the top of the MDI.

Unlike standard dental implants, MDIs sometimes can be placed without an incision because they are so thin. Using a local anesthetic, they are often placed right through the gums directly into the underlying bone. This process allows them to integrate immediately.

Because the procedure for MDIs is less invasive than the traditional alternative and requires less healing time, the denture can be loaded atop the implants immediately and the patient can even eat later that day. MDIs also tend to cost less than traditional implants, so they are a good option for patients with limited budgets.

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