Although it’s been proven that adults can still wear braces and enjoy the benefits of having straight teeth, it is understandable why many dentists would even so, recommend that braces be worn earlier, preferably during the pre-teen or teenage years. It is during this period when a patient has already outgrown their baby teeth yet still be young enough for the orthodontic treatment to be effective.

When we wear braces, the pressure transmitted from the arch wire to the brackets attached to the teeth over the course of the treatment forces the periodontal membrane to stretch on one side and compress on the other. When this happens, the tooth becomes loose but since the movement happens slowly over a long period, new bone grows and fills the space where the tooth was once located, supporting the tooth in its new position.

This explains that while this process can be done at any age, the teen years, when bone growth is at an optimal level, is said to be the ideal age for wearing braces. However, because of the highly noticeable brackets and wires of traditional braces, not a few teens that were advised to wear braces had skipped on the idea for fear of being teased at school, unknowingly passing over on the best time to get orthodontic treatment that will do them more good in the long run both aesthetically and health wise.

Fortunately, teens now have an alternative to metal braces with the Invisalign Teen clear aligners system. These custom-fitted, removable plastic braces are practically invisible that these will hardly be noticed throughout the one year period of treatment. The smooth aligners won’t make any unwanted cuts or wounds around the mouth and they can easily be removed for daily eating, brushing and flossing. As the aligner sets are worn and replaced every two weeks, they will still allow the growing of permanent teeth should the patient still be at this stage prior to getting the clear braces.

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