Over the last four decades, dental technology has seen tremendous growth. The dental community’s passion for restoring your teeth, health, and self-confidence has given way to new solutions for many common conditions.

Tooth loss and the introduction of dental implants may be the best example of these advancements. In most cases, dental implants have surpassed traditional dentures, bridges, and partials as the recommended method of tooth replacement. Your dentist may recommend dental implants in Plano if you are missing one or more natural teeth and are healthy enough to undergo minimally invasive surgery.

For patients who missing all of the upper or lower teeth, or those patients who are unhappy with their existing denture, adding dental implants can be life-changing.

Your implant dentist may recommend using dental implants to stabilize your denture and preserve your bone structure. By anchoring your denture to the jaw bone, a stable foundation for biting, chewing, and speaking can be achieved. This new foundation is strong enough to endure the forces of chewing without the risk of irritation to the soft tissues of the gums. Patients who choose the implant-retained denture also enjoy the relief of knowing that there is never a need for denture glues and adhesives. The denture will never slip out of place or shift uncomfortably.

Bone loss, the unfortunate side effect of tooth loss, can also be addressed with the addition of dental implants. Since traditional dentures are designed to rest on top of the gum tissue, the underlying bone does not receive the appropriate stimulation and the bone begins to deteriorate. This deterioration affects the fit of the denture as well as the shape of the face and mouth. Dental implants are designed to actually bond, or integrate, with the bone. This relationship provides the stimulation necessary to prevent future bone loss.

Using dental implants to retain dentures has increased the level of comfort and satisfaction for millions of patients with missing teeth. If you are no longer satisfied with the limitations of traditional dentures, schedule your consultation with Dr. John M. Hucklebridge to discuss the beauty of implant-retained dentures today.