Orthodontics, as a whole, have a bad reputation. People immediately think about metal brackets, wires, headgear, etc, and they don’t want to even think about wearing that, especially as an adult. There is another option, called Invisalign Orthodontics, that uses clear plastic aligners to do the orthodontic work. People love the change, but it’s about more than just the look! Here are a few more reasons to love Invisalign!

No Reason to Fret the Cleaning Process

With metal braces, cleaning is a pain! You have to do all sorts of picking and scrubbing, but Invisalign makes it easy. Since they’re clear removable aligners, you can take them out while you care for your teeth, and then run your toothbrush over the aligner, inside and out. A quick rinse, and you’re ready to put it back in!

You Can Skip the Wax

Unlike metal braces that rub and poke against your cheeks and lips, clear aligners are smooth. They are completely comfortable against the soft tissues of your mouth, eliminating the need for wax.

Every Picture Will Show Confidence

Every picture taken of you with your Invisalign will show a smiling person who is confident. There will be no closed lips or attempt to hide your braces. You’ll be happy because you’ll know that no one can see your orthodontics!

With every new patient trying Invisalign® Orthodontics, we hear new reasons to love this product. We know that you’ll love it, too! Contact us today to set up a consultation. Let us know how we can help you get the smile of your dreams!