As the member of your house who purchases groceries, let us begin by saying that we know what a big task you undertake! It doesn’t matter if you shop once a week or once a month, that trip isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult when you are trying to purchase healthy foods for your family. We can’t make the task any easier, but we can give you some tips for purchasing foods that are good for your family’s oral health as well as the health of the rest of their bodies!

Picking the Best Beverage

Choosing beverages is difficult because the drinks that seem like a good idea are often full of sugar. Juice and sports drinks, for example, have way more sugar than they have nutrients. It’s best for young smiles to drink plenty of water and milk throughout the day.

Teeth-Healthy Snacks

Reaching for crackers or pretzels for a snack doesn’t benefit your teeth. The chewy particles get stuck throughout your teeth giving bacteria a chance to feed. Instead, reach for crunchy vegetables or fruit that will actually scrub your teeth while you chew!

Mineral-Packed Protein

Lean protein and cheeses are important for the strength of your teeth. As you chew, your saliva actually starts to break down some of those minerals and puts them directly into the enamel through a process called remineralization!

Use the grocery to your advantage by selecting foods that are good for your family from head to toe! Contact us for more tips about using food to strengthen your smile, and check back in on Friday for information about making water the most attractive drink in the fridge!