Making the decision to replace missing teeth isn’t always easy. You must consider factors such as your health, your finances, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Fortunately, Dr. John M. Hucklebridge, a Plano implant dentist, can help to guide and advise you on the best available tooth replacement solution: dental implants.

Though dental implants have received much recognition for being the most natural and most conservative solution, the procedure still requires prior planning, open communication, and a highly motivated patient. Prior to beginning the implant procedure, your implant dentist will want to ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo surgery and motivated enough to see it to completion.

The dental implant procedure is generally a process which involves multiple phases as well as a predetermined amount of healing time between phases.

After an implant consultation and a review of your medical and dental histories, the implant procedure can begin. The initial phase of the process involves the placement of a titanium cylinder which is inserted into the bone at the site of the missing tooth. The titanium implant is specially coated to promote a strong bond between the implant and your bone. After placement, the implant is covered and protected with the surrounding gum tissue for a specified healing period.

After an average 4-6 month healing time, the implant is uncovered and a healing cap is placed. The healing cap is generally used to allow the gum tissue to heal properly around the newly exposed implant. Again, a short healing period is recommended to ensure that the gums are firm and healthy.

When your implant dentist has determined that the implant is well-accepted by the body and the gum tissue looks natural and healthy, the final phase of the process can begin. Your implant will be restored with a crown, bridge, or attached to a denture or partial. By anchoring the implant to your bone, your new restoration is more stable and more esthetically pleasing than any other tooth replacement alternative.

If you are considering your options for replacing a missing tooth, it’s time to schedule your dental implant consultation. Call 972-398-2550 for yours today.