Although they often play a background role in comparison to the teeth, the gums are just as important to the smile’s overall appearance. Gums that are asymmetrical or excessively prominent can have a negative effect on your smile no matter how straight your teeth are. Fortunately, problems with the gums can often be corrected through tissue re-sculpting, which is also sometimes called a “gum lift” or crown lengthening.

In a tissue re-sculpting procedure, your Plano dentist, Dr. John M. Hucklebridge, can reshape the gums through surgery to achieve a more balanced, symmetrical smile. If you feel that you reveal too much gum in your grin or that your teeth appear to be abnormally small, lifting the gums can address this concern, as well.

Tissue re-sculpting involves removing excess gum tissue in the area of the gumline. Typically this is done with lasers using a local anesthetic, which reduces the amount of time necessary to heal from the procedure. For some patients, it may also be necessary to remove a small amount of bone in the area to prevent the gum tissue from growing back.

Tissue re-sculpting can be performed on a single tooth or on a number of teeth. It just depends on your unique gum structure and what you hope to achieve through the procedure. You and your dentist will work together to plan the procedure based on your ideal outcomes.

If you are dissatisfied with the shape and pattern of your gumline, tissue re-sculpting may be that last missing piece that will give you the attractive smile that you desire. Talk with Dr. Hucklebridge to see if tissue re-sculpting might be valuable for you.