Fillings come in all shapes and sizes, and some patients frequent the happy gas more often than others! Fillings are necessary to stop the spread of decay and restore the strength within a tooth, and research shows that about 80% of us will have at least one filling by the time we graduate high school. Fillings are fantastic, and we put a lot of faith in their ability to keep our teeth healthy and strong, but fillings are not always perfect. Sometimes fillings fail, and we need to move quickly to repair the damage.

What Causes the Failure?

When we talk about fillings failing, we are generally talking about large fillings. A large filling is necessary for a tooth that has extensive decay. Over time, though, the filling causes the tooth to get weaker, especially if it is an amalgam filling. The filling might begin to leak, allowing bacteria to go deep into the tooth, or the tooth might crack after years of being weakened from decay. In either case, you are at risk of an infection or severe damage.

Repairing the Damage

At your routine appointment, we will check your fillings for signs of damage, leaks, or weaknesses. This is one very important reason to maintain your six month checkups. If we find damage, we will recommend doing the repair very quickly to avoid the risk of infection. We repair these worn out teeth by placing a crown on top. The crown fits over the entire tooth to hold it together and add strength. It will also seal your tooth from bacteria, keeping it safe from infection.

Fillings are not made to last forever, so it’s good to know that we have an excellent solution to repair the damage and help you maintain your healthy smile. Contact us today to set up your next exam and cleaning. We would love to check your fillings and ensure that you have healthy restorations!