Thirty years ago, dental implant surgery was reserved for a small and select group of candidates. The surgical procedure was far less sophisticated and the recovery time was somewhat lengthy. Today, with the help of modern technology, the procedure is a restorative option that is available to a broader group of candidates. Terms such as precision, safety, efficiency, predictability, and minimally invasive are now used to describe the procedure for the placement of the implants.

With that, the surgery is smoother and faster, and patients can expect a speedier recovery period. In fact, many patients find that they are able to return to work relatively quickly. The day after surgery, you may feel comfortable enough to resume your normal activities, though you may be advised to postpone very rigorous or strenuous work for a few days.

The extent of your recovery may also be influenced by the medications that have been prescribed for you. Certain prescription pain relievers are known to cause drowsiness or sleepiness. According to the advice of your implant dentist or pharmacist, you may need to avoid driving and any other responsibilities that could compromise your safety while you are under the influence of these medications.

The state of your general health prior to your implant surgery can also influence the speed of your recovery. When underlying health conditions are under control, your body will be able to recover more rapidly following your surgery.

Rest, relaxation, and nutrition are also important contributing factors to the speed at which you can expect life to return to normal. Though you’ll probably feel fine, try to reserve the remainder of the day for plenty of rest in a stress-free environment. This will promote healing and help to ensure that you have the energy to return to work.

During the surgical procedure, local anesthetics and sedatives will be used to keep you comfortable. Once you arrive at home, you will be responsible for adhering to the post-operative instructions which have been designed to speed the healing process and get you back to a normal routine as soon as possible.

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