With all the teeth whitening solutions available out there, to still have discolored or stained teeth nowadays is like a disservice to one’s self. You owe it to yourself to take care of your teeth, to be able to smile confidently and feel good about yourself and it only takes a single appointment with an expertly trained and experienced teeth whitening specialist like Plano TX dentist Dr. John Hucklebridge to give you that sparkling set of pearly whites.

Texas dentist Dr. Hucklebridge makes use of the Zoom professional teeth whitening treatment at his Plano Smile Studio dental clinic. This in-office, laser-assisted method takes only one visit to do and yet you’re already getting the full treatment that already includes plaque removal before the actual procedure and the post-treatment maintenance take-home whitening gel for a complete whitening package that can last for years.

In as short as an hour, Zoom whitening can safely turn your teeth eight shades whiter, without harming your teeth and gums, and with the at-home maintenance easily done using the take-home custom trays. Swearing by the effectiveness of Zoom are the over 10 million patients who have previously tried and tested it and how it gives brighter and healthier smiles, making it the #1 patient-requested teeth whitening treatment.

Dr. Hucklebridge can easily adjust the intensity settings to ensure minimal discomfort. During the procedure, desensitizers can also be quickly applied to address the slight sensitivity you might experience while at the same time, protecting your tooth enamel. If for any reason you can’t come for the in-office treatment, he can instead supervise the Zoom at-home whitening that you’ll only need to wear for an hour twice in a day from between seven to fourteen days. This product also contains amorphous calcium phosphate that helps to improve the luster and smoothness of teeth.

So what are you waiting for? Call the Plano Smile Studio in Texas now at 972-398-2550 for an appointment with Dr. Hucklebridge and pretty soon you’ll be bidding your stained teeth goodbye.