Greetings Plano! Welcome back to the ongoing dental health blog of the Plano Smile Studio in Plano, TX. In today’s post of our dental health blog, we want to talk about something near and dear to your teeth: professional teeth whitening. If you make an appointment now, we can probably make an appointment for you before Thanksgiving!

Do you see a lot of friends and family round this time of year? Does everyone gather at your house, or your Uncle Bob’s house, for a sort of mini-family reunion? Thanksgiving with your family (or in-laws) can be a lot of fun. There’s the tasty foods that everyone will be eating in abundance. Can you say turkey sandwiches for the next week?

But there’s more to the fun than just the food. There’s all the stories that will be told will be told. Remember that embarrassing incident one time at summer camp? That story is going to be on full-display. You might even break-out a board games. Like all family game nights, it will end with Uncle Bob throwing the game board in frustration after an overly-long and competitive round of monopoly.

Can You Show-Off Your Smile for the Camera?

No matter what you Thanksgiving holidays hold in-store, one thing is extremely likely. Someone will have a camera out and will be posting photos over you all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and every other site they can think of. What’s your general reaction when someone asks you to smile for the camera? Are you willing to show-off a toothy grin or are you embarrassed by your smile?

As Americans, we value our appearance extremely highly. One of the most important things about appearance is the whiteness of our teeth. Clinical research has shown that self-esteem is often directly linked to one’s appearance. That’s why professional teeth whitening has become such a major industry in our country. Every year companies make millions and millions of dollars selling products that promise to whiten your teeth.

Have you tried one of these products? Many of our patients have, and been dissatisfied with the results. The strength of the whitening gel is often low. That means results are slow. It also may make it tempting to try and use more of the product to deliver faster results. Unfortunately, that can have consequences for your gums as it can cause irritation to them.

Professional Teeth Whitening at the Plano Smile Studio

Sometimes it life, it’s just easier and more effective to call in a professional. At the Plano Smile Studio in Plano, TX, we offer two types of professional teeth whitening. We can help get your teeth looking great in as little as an hour with our in-office treatment. If you prefer to have more control over your teeth’s exact shade of whiteness, we also over a professional strength take-home whitening kit which you can use in the comfort of your own home.

If you want to look great in time for Thanksgiving, we recommend our in-office treatment. We offer Zoom! Teeth Whitening; in as little as an hour, we can have your teeth looking much whiter and much healthier. We simply apply whitening gel to your teeth; we then expose the gel to the patented Zoom! whitening light. This light helps to activate the whitening. In a whitening appointment, we will perform three, 15 minute rounds of professional teeth whitening. Afterwards, we will even send you home with a take-home whitening kit to use for maintenance.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, we also offer a take-home whitening kit, the Nite White System. You wear a custom-fitted tray filled with the prescription-strength whitening gel for about an hour a day. After a week or two of regular application, you will have the results you’ve been dreaming of. This option is great, and if you act now, you can have a beautifully white smile in time for Thanksgiving.

Make An Appointment

Be prepared for Thanksgiving. Show-off a new, whiter smile to all your friends and family this year. Professional teeth whitening at the Plano Smile Studio in Plano, TX can having you look great in just a single, completely painless appointment. Make an appointment by calling our office at 972-398-2550. We look forward to hearing from you!