Long ago, your Grandfather’s dentist may have also been his barber. Though it seems funny, many people of that generation looked to dentists only when they were in pain, mainly to pull teeth. So, between shaving and haircuts, many local barbers became very efficient at pulling teeth.

Fast –forward to today’s generation: you no longer pay a dentist to simply fix problems; you actually pay dentists to prevent problems from occurring. This idea is better known as preventative dental care. Fortunately, the medical and dental communities have realized that the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body. The treatment that you receive in the dental office prevents far more than just cavities and gum disease.

Let’s take a look at the health conditions that are impacted by preventable oral disease:
·  Bone loss/ tooth loss due to periodontal (gum) disease
·  Infection of prosthetic joints (hips, knees) due to periodontal disease
·  Heart attack and stroke (chronic inflammation from periodontal disease)
·  Dry mouth due to certain medications (increases the risk for cavities and sensitivity)
·  Weakened immune system (due to chronic infection)
·  Cavities (decay)
·  Halitosis (bad breath)
·  Increased blood sugar (Diabetes)
·  Pre-term or low-birth weight babies (pregnant women are seven times more likely to deliver babies that born too early or too small)

Considering the health conditions mentioned above, the importance of receiving regularly scheduled preventative dental care is beyond measure. Your dentist and staff will perform a thorough and professional oral evaluation, and then discuss strategies for preventing periodontal disease and decay. If you are managing pre-existing medical conditions, you can be educated about oral diseases affect your body. In some instances, early indicators of other disorders, like vitamin deficiencies and HIV/AIDS are seen in the mouth long before they are seen in the rest of the body.
Schedule a preventative appointment with your Plano dentist today. Take advantage of the information available. And, for your health and comfort, don’t wait until it hurts.