Tomorrow is one of our truly American holidays. We love Thanksgiving and all that it represents here in the office! The driving ideas behind this holiday are some of the best: thankfulness, love, gratitude, and joy. We hope you have many special people to celebrate with, and we hope that you have a feast planned! We also hope that your teeth are in good shape to enjoy that feast!

Many things can cause you to have difficulty chewing: sensitive teeth, a broken tooth, an untreated cavity, an infected tooth, loose dentures, or a missing tooth. Let’s focus on the missing tooth because we sometimes aren’t aware that a missing tooth can cause chewing to become very difficult! Patients think that they will be able to just chew on the other side, without fully realizing how uncomfortable that would be.

Treating a Missing Tooth

If you are missing a tooth, you are probably aware of how tiresome it gets to only chew on one side of your mouth. You know better than anyone that it is time to replace your missing tooth with a dental restoration. Let’s get started as soon as the holiday is over. Make this your last unenjoyed feast! We have several restoration options, but the best will be a dental implant. This restoration is so thorough and natural that you’ll wish you had never hesitated!

Don’t allow a missing tooth to ruin this favorite American holiday. Get a restoration that will last. Get a dental implant and never miss out on your favorite feast again! Contact us today to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to get to work!