How confident are you about your smile? Have you ever wondered if your teeth are white enough? Would you like a whiter smile…today? Your smile says a lot about you, and it’s the first thing many people see when they meet you. A beautiful, white smile gives you confidence and even makes you look and feel younger.

Teeth whitening has always been a safe and effective cosmetic procedure. Fortunately, the whitening process has advanced dramatically in recent years. Today, you can expect to achieve your whitest, brightest smile with one simple visit to Dr. John M. Hucklebridge, your cosmetic dentist in Dallas. The Zoom! whitening system produces a high—quality, white smile and many other benefits to make it the best choice for your whitening needs.

Performed by a trained dental professional (receive a thorough evaluation prior to whitening to address periodontal disease and cavities that could affect your treatment outcome)
Safe and relaxing treatment (gums, lips, and face are protected from the whitening solution)
Less shade rebound (although no whitening method is permanent, you should expect to maintain your new, whiter shade longer than some other methods)

Low sensitivity (Zoom! Whitening solutions have been formulated to produce whiter, less sensitive teeth)
Whiter smile…today! (Display a smile suitable for pictures in as little as 45 minutes)

You deserve a smile that you’re proud of. Make an appointment for Zoom! Whitening, and have a brighter, whiter smile today. No need to deal with one-size fits all drugstore strips, and no fussing with removable bleach trays and solutions for two weeks. Zoom! provides the highest standard in whitening when it comes to better and faster results. Isn’t that enough to make you smile?